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Insight: Inside Stockton / Keeping the Family Farm / Pet Tales: Food Recalls / The Mountaintop

Published March 27, 2013

Inside Stockton - As people around the Sacramento region - and even the nation - watch Stockton's bankruptcy proceedings with varying degrees of interest, we've decided to turn to the people who live in Stockton to hear their perspective on the fiscal insolvency of their city. How has the bankruptcy affected everyday life in Stockton? Do most people even notice? We'll talk with Bob Gutierrez, director of government affairs for Food 4 Less and a member of Stockton Forward, and Paula Scheil, an English Teacher and member of the Stockton Arts Foundation who has lived in the city since she was 17 years old.

Keeping the Family Farm - Many family farms in California are in jeopardy but it has little to do with the economy. Rather, many families fail to successfully transfer their business from one generation to the next due to a myriad of reasons including sudden death, poor communication, people unable to relinquish control or unwilling to take it. A new year-long, free program from Downey Brand begins Thursday, March 28, and it's intended to address these and other common problems for family farms. We'll talk with Gina Lera, a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law, and Mark Burrell, Managing Partner of the WestMark Group, LLC who has more than 25 years experience in agricultural finance.

Pet Tales: Food Recalls - It could be garbage off the street, your favorite plant or maybe even a pair of dirty socks. Your dog or cat probably eats so many weird things you wouldn't imagine their food could potentially be making them sick. But it's important to be aware of pet food recalls that are often caused by contamination of salmonella that can spread to humans. Joining us for this month's Pet Tales segment to suggest ways to protect your animal friend from tainted food is pet expert Gina Spadafori.

"The Mountaintop" - The suprise winner of the prestigous Olivier Award in 2010, "The Mountaintop" made its Sacramento premiere at Capital Stage on March 20th. Written by the 28 year old Katori Hall, the play examines Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s final night before his assasination in a work that is at the same time intimate, stirring and humerous. Director Anthony D'Juan and the cast - Beethoven Oden and ZZ Moor - join us in the studio to talk about the production.


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